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Why Time Trialing?

Time trialling is a very easy way to start racing. No special equipment is needed, just a roadworthy bike. Time trial races are run over set distances (and some over set times) with riders set off individually at one minute intervals. They are timed from start to finish and the times can be compared afterwards or a rider can compare times from week to week over the same course to see if they have improved or not.

 Everyone is always welcome (subject to event rules and availability) and each event is a great opportunity to meet and get to know members of the club.

Sometimes known as the "race of truth", there is a simplicity about time trialling - just you and your bike against the clock.  No sitting at the back of a group hoping for Strava segments.  No virtual racers who all seem to weigh 10kg less than you with twice your power.  Your result is all down to you.

What do I need to be able to race?
You don't need a fancy bike, funny helmet or tight fitting lycra.  Any roadworthy bike will do (apart from recumbents).  If you want to ride on a shopper, a chopper or a mountain bike then all are perfectly acceptable.  You do also need a working rear light. 
You must also be a member of Cycling Time Trials affiliated club. If you are not, then you can Join Us
Apart from that, you're good to go.

Do I need to be really fit?
No, not at all.  The ability to ride the distance on open roads is the most basic of requirements.  If you are worried then speak to the club member when signing on and we can talk you through any concerns.  The race is you against the clock, not against anyone else.

Club Events

Timekeepers, families & spectators

We love our Club Events as they are what keep us all meeting up. If you fancy time keeping, marshalling, pushing off or helping in any way then drop us a line. You don't even need to be a member of this club to help. We are always super-grateful for helpers.

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There's got to be some rules. For the full Club rules, please click here.

Club Time Trials: 

We welcome the participation of other racers and regularly have people from other clubs recording 'private trials' as part of our club events.

Places are allocated on a 'first come first served' basis and all clubs are welcome

Anyone who is not a member of Nottingham Clarion but wishes to race must be a member of a club that is affiliated to CTT (Cycling Time Trials organisation):

We also welcome helpers, including timekeepers and marshalls, from other clubs - so if you are racing our events please feel free to bring a helper!