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Round 8 6/6/2019

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Anthony Jackson 21.00
Mike Cooke 21.27
John O'Dell 23.29
Alfie Lofthouse 24.46
Poppy Wildman 25.33
Roger Widdowson 25.44
Mike Campbell 25.53
John Aitkin 26.01
Tom Butt 27.58
Martin Grieve 31.43

A lovely sunny Thursday evening with some added low pressure, not good for the coming weekend, but Mike Cook assured me it was perfect pressure for good Times. He wasn't wrong. Anthony set a PB as did Mike Cooke. Anthony and John Aitkin were mildly miffed that they missed that minute cut off, back luck, but thats half the fun isnt it. A warm welcome to Martin Grieve who (I think) was new to the Thursday night Time Trial group. It was a fast, sunny evening. Everyone seemed to leave the car park with smiling faces, which can't be bad.

Thanks to Danny, Rob and Mike H for stepping up, I'll be doing my duty next week to Danny and Rob can have their 'fun'.Cheers guys