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Time Trial
Time trialling is a very easy way to start racing. No special equipment is needed, just a roadworthy bike. Time trial races are run over set distances with riders set off individually at one minute intervals. They are timed from start to finish and the times can be compared afterwards or a rider can compare times from week to week over the same course to see if they have improved or not.
Time trialling is where riders like Bradley Wiggins and Chris Boardman began their competitive riding but even if you have no intention of being an Olympian or World Champion they are a fun way to improve your fitness.

Races are open to riders who are twelve years or older. Riders between the age of 12 and 18 need to fill in a parental consent form with their parents signature giving them permission to race.
There are two classes of time trial race, club and open. Club races are open to all club members. Simply turn up at the start, and sign your name on the list of starters. The time keeper will hand out a number to each rider which is pinned to your back. The number is your start time so you need to be at the start line before that time. At the start someone will hold your bike upright on the start line so you can have your feet in the pedals, ready for the off, the timekeeper counts you down and away you go.

Open races are listed on
the Cycling Time Trials website and are open to riders from any club. Open events usually cost around six or seven pounds and have to be pre-entered at least two weeks in advance (six weeks for national events). Entry forms are available on the CTT website and on this website here.
Nottingham Clarion run many club TT events between February and October. A full list of the club events for the season along with results can be found on this website here Club Events 
Road Racing 
Road racing is a fast and exciting way of competing, testing bike handling, speed and tactical riding. To get started look for 'Go-Ride' events on the British Cycling website.  Events under British Cycling are categorised by ability, and British Cycling membership and a racing licence are needed with the exception of 'Go-Ride' events which are aimed at beginners. Riders will start with a 4th category licence as a beginner. To move up categories you must acquire points gained in races. For those wishing to try out road racing, a day-licence can be purchased at some events. BC road race entry form is available on this website here. 
 Kyle Burleigh at the Darley Moor circuit near Ashbourne
A number of club members compete locally and nationally.  Our nearest closed circuits are Mallory Park, Leicestershire and  Darley Moor, south of Ashbourne, but there are a number of open road and closed circuit races across the region. An alternative to British Cycling events are TLI races, which stands for The League International, and more information is available on their website


Track Racing 
We regularly organise trips to Manchester Velodrome to attend training sessions from beginners to experienced riders.
Members of the club also go to Forest Town Track League to ride and compete on the regular weekly events on the outdoor banked track.
The club is very active in cyclo-cross and is well represented in the Notts and Derby Cyclo Cross league (NDCXL) and also in the National Trophy competitions. Riders of all abilities and ages are welcome at the NDCXL races, and can be ridden on a mountain bike if you haven't got a cross bike. Entry is on the day, and most venues are within easy travelling distances of Nottingham. 

There are separate races for young riders giving them a chance to try bike racing in a safe environment and making cyclo-cross a family day out. See for full details.  The cyclocross season runs from about September to February, so be prepared for inclement conditions!!







Mountain Biking
Although the club has traditionally been biased towards road riding, an increasing number of our members are taking part in Mountain Bike events such as the Midlands XC series. You can find out the latest news in the off road section of our forum here: