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National Clarion
Nottingham Clarion CC are a member club of The National Clarion Cycling Club.
When you join Nottingham Clarion you have the option to also join The National Clarion.

Fellowship is Life


The Clarion cycling club was formed in 1895 after a group of likeminded individuals got together in Birmingham in 1894. It took the Clarion name from Robert Blatchford's socialist newspaper.


The National Clarion cycling club grew during the early 1900s with 8000+ members at one time and with sections all over the UK. Working class people were getting their freedom on bikes in the countryside and the Clarion was spreading the word and the newspaper to industrial towns and villages. In those days before most people could own a car, the bike gave freedom and fellowship...the Clarion thrived.


National Clarion now have a rapidly increasing membership over 1250 members in 25 sections, with new sections currently being formed, which makes us one of the bigger cycling clubs in the country. Bikes still give us our freedom, freedom from the motorcar, the stresses of the rat-race and gives us great friendship, great friends around the country.


Whether we race, socialise, tour or meet in cafes, the Clarion is a Club, a true club not an association.


Membership Benefits


Joining the Clarion is all about making the most of your life a-wheel. You can't put a value to the friendship and experiences you get but below are some of the more tangeable benefits of being a member:

  • Join both a local and national club
  • £8 membership to National Clarion 
  • Cycle with clubmates throughout the UK
  • 2 magazines per year
  • Annual Easter Meet
  • (Dinner, Prize Presentation, Race & Ride)
  • Race Comps, TTs, road, track, cyclo-x
  • Season-long points competition
  • Social events, twice a year
  • 15% discount from Cotswold Outdoors
  • 10% discount from InMotion Products
  • over 25 sections and growing throughout the UK


The 'Boots and Spurs' greeting - what does that mean?

It comes from when Clarion newspaper editor Robert Blatchford, used to sit in the barracks late at night telling stories between make sure their listeners were still awake, the storyteller would say 'Boots!' those stil awake would reply 'Spurs!', the story would continue. 'Boots and Spurs' continues to be the Clarion call to this day



To contact the National Clarion email


Key Members of the National Clarion:

Ian Clarke - National Secretary


Donald Lever - Membership Secretary


Richard Newcombe - Newsletter Editor



National Clarion Sections around the UK: